Disney's Hercules Action Game | Playstation Longplay | HD

Disney's Hercules Action Game | Playstation Longplay | HD

A longplay of Playstation’s Disney’s Hercules Action Game by me.

I have no complaints about this one aside from the fact that I had recording issues with it for unknown reasons. I managed to work around it in the end so no problems 🙂

It’s a good game, another definite classic of the Playstation 1 Era to me 🙂 Played it on hard (Herculean) mode in order to get the last two hidden stages of the game which was the underworld stages. If you played this on normal or easy difficulty, the game ends right after you saved Zeus. Enjoy 🙂

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38 thoughts on “Disney's Hercules Action Game | Playstation Longplay | HD

  1. I'd never seen a Disney movie in my life by the time I got my first computer AND I hadn't yet begun to even study the English language at school so I was playing this game practically blind lol. I remember having difficulty figuring out how to deal with the hydra seeing as you could only run in circles around it, so the first time I managed to get myself in the right spot to cut its head off I was SO stoked, thinking "yes, I finally defeated it!". And then it immediately grew three more heads…………… fml

  2. I got this game FOR FREE PC ROM. WITH MY CEREAL.. Ok it only featured the cyclopse bit, and i hated how running into people hurt you it wasn't fair!! , AND THE LION KING…demo game. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THOSE DAYS!!!! Hahaha now what do kids get in their cereal? I dno

  3. As a child and now a 19 yrs old i've always loved this game.its graphics are everything…i kinda always wished that i lived in this games world, i mean it's very fairytail like.it gives a nostalgic vibe too, from the pixelate trees that get lost in the distance, to the characters and all sorts of weird decoration stuff.This game feel like a time machine to an parallel universe.I don't have the exact words to explain this magical feeling that i get whenever i see or play Hercules..

  4. Lol just found out that the wooden targets at 10:00 can be destroyed.

    The modern game tutorial would probably explained all these mechanics (also stuff such as you can jump attack on the crack in the mountains). Took me months to realize it as a kid. Maybe that was better? Exercised the brain a lot more.

    Lol also took me quite some time to figure out that weapons could be changed. Maybe I was kinda a dumb kid 😛

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